I like beautiful things.

I like the impossible sweetness of a nervous groom breaking into a grin when he sees his wife-to-be all gussied up in her wedding dress for the first time.

I like the unexpected beauty encountered on a grey and sleety day, with two people huddled under an umbrella, bright spots on an otherwise grimy street.

I like the voluptuousness and downright sexiness to be found in certain foods, made well and plated prettily.

Most of all, I like being able to uncover this beauty and capture it. For myself, for you, for your family and friends, and for your clients. I’ve been told I’m easy to work with and am a quiet and stealthy presence. It’s this ability to disappear and meld that allows me to get “the” shot. The one without self-consciousness and without fear of being observed.

With over 30 years in the photography world (both professionally and as one of my most enduring and passionate hobbies), I also bring a level of professionalism and experience to every job I’m entrusted with.

I hope to partner and collaborate with you, whether it be on your most important day, your soon-to-be published cookbook, or your family portrait. Whatever it might be, I’ll discover the beauty and capture it for you.